Introducing Three Points Center. The Residential Treatment Center for Adopted Adolescents.

A place created just for helping adopted youth—and their families.

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Current studies indicate that 30 to 40% of the clients at adolescent residential treatment centers are adopted. When problems arise with adopted adolescents that can no longer be dealt with at home, thousands of these adopted individuals and their families are treated with a “cookie cutter” approach at residential facilities that are geared for the general adolescent population rather than for the specific needs of adopted adolescents and their families. Among the myriad residential treatment centers for youth nationwide, not one has been designed and created explicitly for helping adopted youth and their families…until now.

TPC operates out of an adoption-based paradigm and is the first and only residential treatment center that focuses solely on the unique needs of adopted adolescents and their families. We strive for the utmost in integrity and excellence in our programs and staff.

We invite you to learn more about what we do. Discover how our experienced team of caring, compassionate adoption-informed therapists, paired with our unique comprehensive approach, can make a difference in the lives of adopted adolescents—and their families—who are struggling.

Our approach is always comprehensive, compassionate, and custom-tailored to each adopted individual's unique needs.

Dr. Norman Thibault
TPC's Director

18 years in the making, three founders, a depth of experience and a wealth of inspiration. We invite you to listen to the following interviews with Dr. Thibault:

What is driving my adopted child?
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A discussion on the creation of the first residential treatment center
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Our Approach Nurtures

  • Trust
  • Self-confidence/reliance
  • Personal empowerment
  • Healthy independence
  • Healing and self-acceptance
  • Personal growth
  • Sense of wholeness

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Who We Help

  • Adopted individuals and their families
  • Adoption professionals
  • Adoption agencies

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