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Residential Treatment Center For Adopted Teenagers

Adopted teen girl with behavioral health issues

Our overall strategy focuses on the adopted youth, and their ability to become whole, through the holistic approach of our program. Adoption issues are systemic culminations, meaning that if reform is going to be sustainable, it demands effort from the child as well as the entire family. TPC does not want your adopted child cultivating relationships only with our therapists; we encourage the family to foster meaningful relationships with each other.

We recognize that getting therapeutic help with adoption related issues is something that most adoptive parents don't realize their child may require. If you have a son or daughter who you believe is struggling because of adoption-related issues, then you may appreciate the necessity of finding the right services for helping them with these complex difficulties. Three Points Center specializes in resolving these complex problems that arise from adoption.

We encourage you to contact us today at 435-635-0636.

Three Points Center - Adoptive family with a teen in recovery

Treatment for Adoption Issues In Children

Here at TPC, our facility is a restorative place of healing, support, and solace where we maintain mutual support between our staff and the students. The procedures we practice are rooted in clinical psychology, as opposed to a punitive or behavioral modification-type approach. What's more, our curriculum nurtures self-confidence, self-reliance, healthy independence, and an individualistic sense of personal empowerment. All these elements combined with a structured academic experience ensures that your struggling child will be loved and cared for during their sojurn with Three Points Center.

We Treat Issues With Adopted Children

Focus on adoption issues - Most other residential treatment centers help individuals struggling with a variety of disorders. This generalization often makes the help less effective. This ineffectiveness is a result of a lack of focus and specialization for specific problems. Three Points Center focuses only on adoption, to ensure the best specialized help available.

High quality therapy - The treatment we provide is focused on the unique issues associated with adoption, and helping the adopted child come to terms with their mental health in a wholesome and productive way.

Guidance and assistance from highly trained staff - The staff here at TPC are all skilled and enthusiastic about the methods of assisting those who are struggling with adoption-related issues. We also work on family restoration, committed to helping your entire family become a positive and complete unit again.

Three Points Center can help. Call us at (435) 635-0636 for assistance or additional information about the services we provide.

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