Three Points Center - Adopted teenage boy in need of therapeutic treatment

There are many places that can provide therapeutic treatment for teens who are struggling. But here at Three Points Center (TPC), we recognize that your child—your adopted child—has unique challenges and questions as a result of their adoption.

Of course, as a parent, you consider your child exactly that—your child. However, children who have been adopted can often manifest their troubles in a most distinctive way, and need to have these addressed in an equally exclusive practice. And you, as their parent, can help them do this.

Residential Group Homes for Adopted

Three Points Center is distinguished as the first group home designed exclusively for the healing of adopted youth and their families. Although TPC is like any other high-quality residential treatment center, with therapy, housing, and full academic treatment, our inclusive methodology focuses on the adopted adolescent child. We believe in their ability to become complete again, through the holistic method of our program. At TPC, we recognize and completely understand that the issues of adopted children are unique to any other.

We know that such concerns are systemic culminations - meaning that if constructive change is going to be maintainable, it demands determination and keen effort from both the adopted child as well as the entire adoptive family. The counselors at TPC do not want the students fostering connections only with them; the family must grow together and support each other. This is the entire goal of TPC.

To find out how we can help your adopted teen find peace and healing within your family, contact us today at 435-635-0636.

Three Points Center - Teen girls in therapeutic school and in recovery
Mental Health Group Homes

Three Points Center follows the “adoption triad.” We acknowledge the roll of adopted child, his or her adoptive parents and siblings, and the child’s birth family. While it is not always possible, or desirable, to have the birth family in the adopted adolescent’s life, this component of the triad is still remarkably important, and should be addressed. And if the birth family is able to involved, TPC uses this component to work with the adopted family and child to assist in the healing and therapeutic process. Our firm belief is that "families are an integral part of the treatment plan."

Group Homes for Troubled Youth

For many adopted teenagers, growing up all too often includes uniquely perplexing feelings. Typical adoption issues, such as feelings of grief, loss, abandonment, and self-deprecation often come and go repeatedly throughout the adolescent’s life. It is important to recognize that almost 30% of teens who reside in treatment centers across the nation are adopted. With this in mind, and knowing the exceptional care that such adolescents need, the therapists who help them must be specialized in such treatments. No two children are alike, and certainly, adopted and non-adopted struggling teens are like. The counselors at TPC understand this and are trained for it.

Three Points Center - Adopted teenagers in school program recovering from emotional issues

Three Points Center is more than just a residential treatment program. We provide both the adopted teen and their families with the counseling, support, and future guidance that they need to be the best family unit possible. We understand that these children have different challenges through life; rather than make them feel as even more of an outsider, or that their problems are too much, we work to help each student understand: They are brilliant. They are wonderful. They have an understanding that so many others will not. Their unique circumstance can propel them into a healthy and successful future, and we can help them recognize that.

Three Points Center is a unique program that serves only adopted children and their families. We specialize in the many different aspects of emotional unrest that adopted children have been known to face, and the therapy and treatment needed to overcome those issues. Call us today at (435) 635-0636.

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