Boarding School for Troubled Teens Who Are Adopted

Three Points Center - Adopted teen boy feeling depressed and in need of therapy

Three Points Center (TPC) is a top Boarding School for Troubled Teens who are Adopted that helps struggling teens with issues related to adoption. TPC is located in beautiful southern Utah, but is currently accepting students from all over the United States.

According to the 2000 census, about 1.6 million children in the US under the age of 18 were adopted. Of those, about 98,000 were one year old or less (this includes foreign adoptions).

Adoption adds complexity to parenting adolescents, which is why TPC created their Boarding School for Troubled Teens who are Adopted. Adopted teens usually require extra support in dealing with the issues that take on a special meaning for them.

When forming their own identity, most teens try on a variety of persona. They search for, imitate, and then reject various role models. For adopted adolescents, this question carries its own weight and confusion: Not knowing about their birthparents can make some teens question who they really are. If they do know their birthparents, there are still plenty of questions such as why they were adopted out, or how much of their characteristics resemble the birth parents as opposed as to who they were growing up with. It is definitively more challenging for them to sort out how they are similar to and different from both sets of their parents.

Through all of this, the confusion and hurt and frustration can be incredibly overwhelming—for both the adopted teen and their parents. Identity crises as well as lashing out at those who love them is sadly common for adopted teens—waiting it out rarely fixes the situation. These struggling teens need to work through their problems with therapy, structure, and self-learning.

Three Points Center provides a unique opportunity for adopted teens to receive the care and counseling that they need. Call our family advocates today at (435) 635-0636 to receive more information and start your child on their path of healing.

Best Therapeutic Boarding Schools

Adopted teens who are struggling at home and at school may be presenting with a variety of challenges, including anger, delayed launching, birth parent search, identity, independence, and parenting strategies.

Three Points Center - Adopted teens in recovery at school

The Three Points Center Boarding School for adopted troubled teens, specializes in the unique issues that adoptive parents and their adopted children face. We provide individual and group therapy and care in a safe, respectful environment, with other adopted teens who know exactly what their fellow students are going through.

Teens everywhere have their issues, but adopted teens face a far deeper complexities in their identities and perceptions. In particular, they examine the people around them—adopted and perhaps even birth families. They adore some of them, and may reject others. They embrace or shun family traditions, values, ideals, and beliefs. The vacillate between feeling confident and lost, and move through these stages with teenage grace. They examine and then determine the ultimate question of who they are. But this process can cause immense frustration and even grief, depending on the circumstances that surrounded their adoption and upbringing. Even in the most ideal family, adopted teens are prone to the anxiety and fear that surrounds the search for who they are.

Adoption is a wonderful thing, unique in its various challenges and rewards. Placing your adopted troubled teen in a program that is not specific to adopted needs will not give them the same assistance that we can. Three Points Center provides a singular experience through specific therapies and healing methods ideal for adopted boys and girls. We understand what the adopted family is going through—both the joys and the pains. Isn’t it worth it to have special care for your special circumstance?

Co-Ed Boarding Schools

When parents choose a promising therapeutic boarding school for their adopted teen, they rarely consider the benefits of a Co-Ed boarding school. However, a co-ed experience is often the very best for struggling teens, no matter the issues.

Three Points Center - Adopted adolescent girl in recovery at boarding school

It’s true that troubles with the opposite sex is something that some parents are concerned about, and rightly so. However, here at Three Points Center, we take special care to observe and protect each student 24 hours a day. On top of that, we know that in the real world, where we want each child to be successful, that avoiding the opposite is not only unrealistic, but unhealthy. We believe that our students need to learn how to develop healthy and positive relationships with their peers, and this will start at Three Points Center.

At Three Points Center, we have highly skilled and experienced counselors, teachers, and support staff who will work with each teen to help them discover their best, and healthiest selves. To learn new and positive coping skills, to further their education and to develop positive peer relationships. We want each adopted teen to return home triumphant and happy in the knowledge of their true self.

If your teen is struggling and hurting, call us today at (435) 635-0636. Our family advocates are available to answer any questions and to help you and your family begin the healing process right away.

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