We're here to help adopted teens

A place exactly like this—doing what we do—was long overdue.

Our name, ‘Three Points Center”, was chosen to acknowledge the importance of the adoption triad—which connectively triangulates the relationship between the birth parent(s), adoptive parent(s), and adopted individual— and to utilize this triad as the solid foundation onto which we have built our entire approach.

However, acknowledging the adoption triad in our name was just the beginning. The founders of Three Points Center realized the importance and necessity of creating a nurturing residential treatment facility solely for adopted teens, geared to address the complex psychological, emotional, and social issues often encountered by adopted individuals and their families. Designed to be a critical resource for those families living the day-to-day joys and myriad of complex challenges resulting from the adoption triad, Three Points Center —and everything it encompasses—was long overdue.

Because adoption can oftentimes present specific attachment and trust issues, the creation of a supportive, safe and compassionate environment is essential. Our team can help adopted individuals journey with their families to build or regain trust, heal a fractured identity and ultimately find a sense of peace and wholeness. This is our daily mission and ultimate goal.

Customized, compassionate treatment.

The focal point of our residential treatment program is adopted teens.

Our sole focus on adopted teens, paired with the targeted, deep experience of our team, coupled with our advisory board, composed of the most knowledgeable adoption-informed experts in the field, enables us to offer the most comprehensive, high-end residential treatment care to adopted adolescents and teens at Three Points Center.

No other facility besides Three Points Center currently focuses solely on adopted adolescents and their unique issues and challenges. Our team is comprised of clinicians who are passionate about meeting the clinical, emotional, and physical needs of the adopted youth with whom they work. They are sensitive to the needs of the entire family and are trained in working in multi-systemic families.

Our compassionate team strives to earn —and retain—the absolute trust of program participants, along with their family members. Through this trust we are able to become—and remain—an appreciated resource for adopted teens, their adopted families, and, when healthy and appropriate, their birth families.

In addition, we strive to be a valued, trusted resource for adoption agencies to share with their clients who are entering the adoption process and we welcome strategic partnerships with adoption professionals who, like us, have the goal of helping adopted individuals and their families find necessary help, healing and, ultimately, wholeness.

Helping adopted youth become ‘whole’ through a holistic approach

Because our end goal is always helping an adopted child heal from a troubled identity and feel whole, we custom-tailored a 360-degree treatment plan for each program participant that combines clinical psychology with nurturing/balancing activities such as outdoor therapy, fitness, art, gardening, animal care, equine therapy, and family involvement.

Our center is a place of healing, trust, comfort, and warmth where the mutual support between staff and program participants is engendered. Our approach is firmly rooted in clinical psychology rather than being a punitive or behavioral-only approach, and our curriculum will nurture self-confidence, self-reliance, healthy independence, and a sense of personal empowerment.

Growing the roots of family…further

We feel it is important for our residents to stay connected with their families during their stay, as their families are an integral part of the healing process. TPC gets to know each family and customizes the treatment plan for each adopted teen based on the specific issues and circumstances of each family.

For the duration of their stay, TPC will ensure that residents have weekly contact with their parents with the end goal of helping to train parents on how to better communicate with and understand their adopted children and the issues with which they struggle. Communication is transparent and forthright with the individual in treatment and their family. Each family is actively involved in the treatment remotely and can arrange to visit their child at the treatment residence.

We understand that success comes with not only the course of treatment taking place with the child at TPC but also with what is going on at home with the parents both during and after their child’s treatment. We strive to set the entire family up for success by involving the parents in their child’s therapy here, and by creating parental supports for issues they may need to work through on their end of things, like tools for how to better relate to their child both during and after treatment, and ample follow-through as the family unit continues to progress further down the healing path on their own after treatment.

We are creating a network of adoption-knowledgeable clinicians throughout the country who work with our parents while their child is in the program and with whom we will communicate. We understand that adoption isn't about a child—it's about a family, and Three Points Center is about the family working as a whole.

Our comprehensive approach in a safe, nurturing environment encompasses:

  • An understanding of the dynamics of the adoption triad.
  • An advisory board composed of esteemed professionals in the adoption community.
  • Professional and competent trauma-informed individual, group, and family clinical treatment.
  • Recreational and other activities that are designed to facilitate trust and attachment.
  • Increased family interaction through video-conferencing and face-to-face visits.
  • Resources to facilitate the integration of each part of the adoption triad when available.
  • Psychoeducation and workshops for family members specific to the adopted family's needs.