Founding individuals share one singular vision.

Dr. Norm Thibault and Thane Palmer—the founding team.

Dr. Norm Thibault, LMFT

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Thane Palmer, MS, LMFT

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Throughout his career, Dr. Norm Thibault has dedicated himself to understanding the relationship between standard residential treatment facilities for adolescents and the vast number of adopted adolescents that were often sent there. In doing so, he found that these programs were unable to understand and address the very specific needs of adopted adolescents and their families.

It was then that he began to explore the idea of developing a center strictly for this specialized and wonderful group. After 18 years of working in the field, lecturing across the country, and consulting with numerous adoption researchers, Dr. Thibault set out to assemble the preeminent program for helping adopted adolescents and their families.

In January 2012, Norm fulfilled his vision when he teamed with Thane Palmer, an adoptive parent and esteemed residential treatment therapist, to create Three Points Center, the first residential treatment center of its kind. Their mission is to help families navigate issues specific to the adoption triad in a healing, compassionate, and safe environment.

Our Philosophy: It starts with the triad.

We realized the necessity of creating a nurturing residential treatment facility solely for adopted teens and their families, geared to address the complex psychological, emotional and social issues often encountered by adopted individuals and their families.

Our name, ‘Three Points Center’, was chosen to acknowledge the importance of the adoption triad of the birth parent(s), adoptive parent(s) and the adopted youth. Acknowledging the adoption triad in our name was just the beginning. This relationship is the vital foundation onto which we’ve built our entire comprehensive, compassionate and unique approach. It’s an approach designed to help—and heal—families.