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Back to School: Are Things Different for Your Adopted Teen?

Three Points Center is the only residential treatment center that focuses exclusively on the needs of adopted teens and their families. Our team recognizes the importance and necessity of creating a nurturing environment for adopted adolescents and those who are parenting adopted teens. Our residential treatment program addresses the complex psychological, emotional, and social issues that are often encountered by adopted individuals and their families. We understand that one of the biggest issues facing adopted teens right now is the bullying and multitudinous adoption questions that often accompany young teens heading back to school. We are here to help adopted adolescents and their families through this difficult time, as well as to provide them with the tools for dealing with these issues in a positive, healthy manner.

Adversity of Adopted Teens

Adolescence is never easy for anyone, with social drama and bullies being the two main issues teens face each day. According to statistics, roughly 30 percent of teenagers in the U.S. have been involved in bullying, either as a bully or as someone being bullied. Whether it is physical or verbal in form, bullying can have serious impacts on the mental and physical health of the teens who are being bullied. During the teenage years, anything that sets a teen apart from the rest makes him or her a target for bullies. Unfortunately, adoption is one of those differences.
Adopted teens must overcome great adversity and, unfortunately, bullying is often one such tribulation that they must deal with. This issue is exacerbated if the teen has special needs due to mental, emotional, or physical disabilities. Studies show that roughly one-third of youth in foster care have disabilities and that their exposure to various risk factors impacts their development.

Help Is Available

Our committed and dedicated team here at Three Points Center understands that the teenage years are already difficult and tumultuous enough without the adversity of adoption being added to it. This is why our programs focus on healing and providing therapeutic counseling to the adoptive teens and their families, bringing them together in harmony.
Parents of adopted teens are encouraged to speak to one of our consultants. Call 435–635–0636 today.