"Collaborating with Three Points Center on my research study was such a rewarding experience. Dr. Thibault and his staff were supportive, professional, and accommodating throughout the process of coordinating my time there. I appreciate their dedication to not only understanding and implementing research-informed practice, but also contributing to ongoing research in the field. I'm incredibly grateful I had the opportunity to learn from the teens at TPC. Their insights and experiences are an integral part of understanding how to assist young folks who are struggling with challenging life circumstances." - Michael Riquino, LCSW, PhD Candidate, University of Utah

Thank you and your staff for putting together such a wonderful, informative weekend for parents. My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed it and also learned a lot. It was great to have time with our daughter. We have seen positive changes in her already. She does enjoy being in the boarding school a lot. (less drama!) We were so impressed with how caring, professional and helpful your entire staff was with us the entire weekend. TPC is the BEST! Good luck with your plans for moving to a new facility - I hope it all goes smoothly.


Your staff - well they were simply AMAZING! I feel that Rod is my new best friend and Eric like my younger brother. Besides Eric and I were sharing in some pain. I know Thane doesn't need any kudos but well he was AWESOME!

M. Smith

I without hesitation and wholeheartedly recommend the program at Three Points Center. It changed the lives of our whole family, because this is not a place to just send your kid away so they can get "fixed". It is a place where families work together so the entire family dynamic becomes healthier and more functional.

Our teenage daughter attended the program for 14 months. Now, more than a year since she returned home I can say that everything we learned at TPC continues to benefit our family every day. Our daughter, as often happens with people who go through any kind of treatment, had setbacks as she tried to manage life outside the safe, structured, supportive program at TPC. During those months there were times I felt discouraged and frustrated that "after all we'd done and been through", we seemed to be heading back to very hard places.

But that's not what happened. We managed the bumps and struggles without our family collapsing. We had more effective skills to not only guide our daughter, but also to help our other adopted child with her stress, to support our marriage, and to keep ourselves healthy as individuals. It took some time, but we are now seeing our daughter settle into a healthier, more functional approach to her life. She is still a teenager, but now she's a much more "normal" teenager. Though her trauma history will never go away, it is now becoming a healthy part of who she is in positive and constructive ways.

I am so grateful for Dr. Norm Thibault and the rest of the staff at TPC. Just yesterday my daughter expressed how much she misses him, and the other staff at TPC. Their genuine, sincere, knowledgeable and skilled care for these adolescents who struggle due to circumstances they did not choose is life-changing.


TPC was where our daughter needed to be at that point in her life. She had just finished a wilderness program and this was the second program she would be going into after being home with us for 18 months. We were determined to get it right. At TPC our daughter was not expected to fit in a one size fits all program. The program was fairly new but we were very impressed with Norm’s insight and philosophy. In three weeks, she is off to college and wouldn’t be at this point in her life if it wasn’t for the care she received and the growth she was allowed at TPC.


Three Points in general and Norm in particular were saviors for our daughter! The environment was great for her anger challenges and Norm’s steady approach was exactly what she needed to learn to successfully navigate/modulate long term…..….true friends for life!

​Avery C.

Three Points Center provided my daughter and I with a safe, therapeutic place to interrupt my daughter’s downward spiral of severe dysregulation through their expert clinical interventions. The emphasis on peer relationships and peer influence was instrumental in helping my daughter, for the first time, overcome her resistance to exploring and recognizing the impact of her early childhood trauma on her behavior and on our relationship. The Three Points staff have genuine respect for parents and truly get the profound impact of attachment and developmental trauma on an adoptive family.

Gail M.

Our daughter is returning home soon after spending 19 months at Three Points Center. We are writing to express our profound gratitude to Dr. Norm Thibault and his staff for the loving and skillful care they provided for our daughter. She has made significant and meaningful progress in all facets of her life during her stay at TPC. Our family has also benefited tremendously during this time through our work with Dr. Thibault. We offer an unqualified recommendation of Three Points Center to parents who are seeking a compassionate and trustworthy therapeutic treatment program for their adopted child.

R. Millns

Three Points in general & Norm in particular were saviors for our daughter! The environment was great for her anger challenge & Norm’s steady approach was exactly what she needed to learn to successfully navigate/modulate long term….. true friends for life!


My daughter spent just over a year at Three Points and had been home now for six months. We chose Three Points after talking to Director Dr. Norm Thibault. I felt very hopeful after he explained their philosophy and operational model. Unlike other group homes, Three Points only takes in kids who have been adopted and have been diagnosed with Attachment Disorders, which fit our daughter. Their model was not a punitive model with level drops that only deals with behavior modification. Instead they had a model that allowed the kids to work through the problems that got them stuck emotionally and developmentally in a structured environment under the guidance of great counselors. To be sure, my daughter had to deal with the consequences of her bad behavior, but the acting out was used as teaching points to help her think through the problem issue to learn better ways to handle the situation. Although we were only able to attend one, they have regular parent conferences with classes that give tools to help better parent our children. It was also extremely helpful to get to know other parents, which helped us feel that we were not alone. My daughter is far from perfect, but she has been turned around 180. We still have conflict, but now there is a way through it. Thank you Norm, Thane, Paul, and everyone at Three Points. You are unique and World Class in what you do.

Tim R.