Who we help

Creating positive outcomes for families touched by adoption.

Adopted teens and their families.

Because adopted children are 7 times more likely than non-adopted children to end up in youth residential treatment centers, Three Points Center has been designed through the lens of the adoptive family

We strive to provide unparalleled support for the entire family. Unlike other residential treatment centers, adopted youth and their families are our only clients. Our philosophy is systemic - we believe that the "problem" is not the adopted child, but rather, a family system that needs help and if a change is to be long-lasting, the family must be united in this change. To this end, our treatment plans and goals are specific to your child and family's particular needs. Many of our trauma-informed interventions, including clinical and psychoeducational support, embrace various parts of the family, including siblings and extended family. Everything we do - from activities at Three Points Ranch to assisting with Birth-Family Reunions to Outdoor Therapy to working with local animal shelters - is geared towards the healing of wounds and growth of the adoptive family.

Adoption professionals.

Many adoption-knowledgeable clinicians throughout the United States understand the complex dynamics of adoptive families.

When an adopted teen is spiraling into self-destructive behaviors, it is important that they have a resource that they can trust and one who understands the importance of adoption-related variables. They must also believe that they are competent in understanding the need for safe, compassionate, and family-based treatment. The staff at Three Points Center strives to work with clinicians in home areas to assure that there is a collaboration on treatment objectives and goals for the entire family. We consider home clinicians a significant part of the treatment team.

Adoption agencies.

We understand the importance of competent research.

With our unique population, a goal of Three Points Center is to be able to collaborate with known and established researchers to conduct ethical and sound studies. And we want to make their findings accessible to those who work with parents seeking to adopt, those working with children who need families, and other professionals working with adoptive families. We strive to improve the adoption experience for all parties involved. Our belief is that the more we discover about the adoption experience, the greater our knowledge base will help create positive outcomes for everyone who is touched by adoption.