Why Choose TPC

We are the first and only Residential Treatment Center designed from the ground up to meet the needs of adopted teens and their families.

Recent research indicates a number of disturbing trends in regards to adopted adolescents and current residential treatment centers:
  1. Up to 30% of all residents in residential treatment centers are adopted.
  2. Adopted children are 7 times more likely than non-adopted children to end up in youth residential treatment centers.
  3. It is crucial that families seeking out treatment for adopted teens find programs with adoption-competent therapists. Unfortunately, many are not - research indicates that this can sometimes prove damaging to the child and to the family.
  4. Adoption does not automatically equal attachment issues. There are many variables involved in the concerns and treatment of an adoptive family and we have sought to create a program comprehensive in scope so as to account for as many of these variables, in addition to attachment work.
  5. Current research indicates that adopted youth present with behavioral symptoms similar to non-adopted adolescents - but yet adopted youth have more frequent histories of trauma, higher suicidality rates, more significant impact of birth parents' mental illness, and poorer academic achievement than these other students. Unfortunately, in most programs, when adopted teens behave like non-adopted students, they are then treated like non-adopted students. Which means that the significant issues that significantly impact adopted adolescents and their families - identity development, attachment, trust, and trauma - are often not given the attention they deserve, resulting in what we are seeing as higher relapse rates and poorer outcomes among this population. A unique family deserves a unique approach. Simply having an adoption group is woefully inadequate to the needs of these deserving individuals and families.

Dr. Thibault explains TPC. Listen here:

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We believe that special situations deserve a specialized approach.

Three Points Center is the first residential treatment center designed exclusively with the adopted teen and their family in mind.

We are designed to cultivate relationships, develop trust, and honor perspective, and feelings. Like most other treatment centers, we are adept at managing the behavioral concerns that would lead a parent to place his or her child in residential treatment, but that is just the beginning of who we are. All of our activities, interventions, treatment planning, parental and family work is designed around the core needs of the adoptive family - we don't just focus on presenting behaviors. And we don't label your child as "the problem." We have consulted with many of the most esteemed professionals in adoption research to develop a program worthy of working with this population.

Because adoption isn't just about a child – it's about an entire family.

Our comprehensive approach centers around the adopted adolescent becoming whole through a holistic approach.

Adoption issues are systemic issues, which means that if change is going to be sustainable, it requires work with the entire family. We do not want your child solely cultivating relationships with us; we want the family to cultivate relationships among each other. A logical extension of our holistic, comprehensive approach is including the families of these adopted adolescents into the process. We feel it’s important that families are an integral part of the treatment plan. Three Points Center is designed to create this change in all parts of the family: The adopted teen, adoptive parents, siblings, and the birth family when possible (the adoption triad).

In addition, family members can visit their child while in our residential treatment program, as we believe that they are an integral part of the healing process. We also put supports in place to set families up for success when their child completes the program and comes home, so that the healing process can continue to progress after the program has been completed in residence with our team.

Our program offers a comprehensive 360-degree approach:

Because our end goal is always helping an adopted child heal from a troubled identity and feel whole, we customize a comprehensive 360-degree treatment plan for each Three Points Center program participant. This treatment combines clinical psychology with nurturing and balancing activities such as outdoor therapy, fitness, art, gardening, animal care, and equine therapy.

We invite you to discover for yourself how we are different and why Three Points Center is THE Residential Treatment Center for adopted teens and their families.

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